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Tour Elentrik

Together with a city, we invite local and professional artists, kids and other participants to freshen up their own neighborhood by painting electricity cabinets of all sizes. Starting from a pre-specified theme, the artists create their designs and go out and about to paint their creations on the street. For the newcomers we always host one or two workshops to get to know more about techniques with markers, spray paint and acrylics. 

Tunnel Vision

Together with the City of Eindhoven (NL) we are working on mulit-year project to renovate public tunnels for cars, pedestrians and bikers with art. A big success that is creating a safer environment for all passers-by, and also a large open air gallery! Stunning works that we’re proud of. Recently we ventured a little more south to continue this success story in Belgian cities!

Live Painting

Do you have an event that shouts for some interactivity and art? Not to worry, we provide all that is necessary to have a live painting at your show. Indoor, outdoor or on canvas, everything is possible.

Some educational buildings are looking rather grey, and we’re here to make a change. Together with our artists we present a handful of bright and colorful designs to schools, colleges and universities in order give the playground or campus a better atmosphere. Students are happier in this environment, but teachers and employees also receive their benefits from a great piece of art.

Street Art Festivals

Starting from any city in the world, we search for locations and artists to come together and create. An event where countless people will come to see artists at work, or to see the end results even months later. If an open air street art museum sounds good to you, let us know!

Happy at Work

Sitting at your desk is something we all love… ahem. Don’t you think it’s better to have something to look at while your eyes wander all over those massive white walls? We do!
We create a concept à la carte based on your company’s values, concepts and history… or something that just completely distracts your mind for a moment, so you can get that relief of stress you desperately needed.

A healing environment

What patients need is a healing environment. A place where they can recover in all serenity and calmness, one where art speaks for itself instead of that grey mass of concrete and white vinyl floors. A distraction from the reason of being there.

Air Purifying Murals

EVer thought that paint could absorb pollution? Neither did we! But we tried it, tested it, and approved! Each painted square meter of Airlite equals the same amount of purifying airpower that a tree can produce. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Find out more on the AIRLITE page.

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